Relocation Stories

The Tale Of Two Hives


Very rarely we are in the process of relocating one hive from a property when we encounter a second hive nearby. In this instance the second hive was very close by indeed. 

What added to the fun is that this home was being renovated and the trades were unwilling to work while the bees were politely asking them to leave.

Tree Cutters Escape


What happens when a tree cutter is happily cutting away yet only notices the hive in the tree he's cutting up at the last moment? 

Lucky he made a quick get-away.

Honey Shipping Inc


A wardrobe in a shipping container may seem like a nice place to set up home. However when your wax starts to melt in the summer heat the bees might have realised they'd made a mistake.

Poplar Runaway


Tree beehive relocations are the hardest form of cutout there is due to the queen having so many places to hide. So you'd think I'd catch the queen the moment I saw her..... You'd think!

Stairway to Honey


When a beekeeper tells you that no one can get to a hive to relocate it it's not always the case. At Bee Removals Victoria we'll do whatever we can to relocate a beehive. Even if we only have a thirty centimeter crawl space.


Double Wall

Sometimes looks can be diseaving. What appeared to be a single sheeted wall in this case turned out to have another sheeted wall behind it.


New Sun Roof

Many people don't realise they have bees in trees on their properties until the tree breaks open exposing the hive.


Outdoor Dunny

When the hive is preventing you from using the facilities you can either build a new toilet or politly move the hive to a new location.

Chimney Sweep


Finding a hive of bees living in your chimney can be interesting. Removing the hive can redefine fun!

Mega Hive


With so many bees bearding on the outside of this house we knew it was going to be a big hive. Just how big was a surprise.

Road Block


It's annoying when a tree falls across a road. When a tree with a bee hive inside falls across a road it's time to build a new road.

The Sound of Buzz


Who knew bees like music as much as we do. Well at least the cabinet built to play that music.

Flowerpot Bees


Sometimes bees will unknowingly select a home which isn't suitable for the long term survival of the hive.

Retaining Wall


Bees really need to think more about the removalist before they set up a new home - in an abandoned wasp nest, behind a sleeper, that holds up a retaining wall.