Other Services


Hive Inspections

Whether you're new to beekeeping and would like to learn more about maintaining your bees, or you don't have time to perform the required inspections to maintain your existing hives, Bee Removals can help you. 

It is a requirement by law that beekeepers maintain and inspect their beehives, and keep proper records regarding hive inspections and hive health. For some people there are occasions when they simply do not have the time, or possibly the confidence, to do this. Bee Removals can assist you with your beehive inspections and help to keep your records up to date. We will attend your site to inspect your hive at a standard price plus travel. 

Holiday Monitoring and Inspections

Do you have beehives but would like to go away on holidays? Bee Removals provides holiday monitoring and inspection services to keep your beehives in good condition while you are away. Call us for further details. 


Collection of Unwanted and/or Abandoned Hiveboxes

You may be a retired beekeeper, have inherited beehives that you don't want, or else you might have some other reason for no longer wanting your hives. Whatever the reason, Bee Removals offers a free collection service for unwanted and/or abandoned hives.

Hives that require re-homing often need relocating into newer boxes. Sometimes the hives have been abandoned or neglected and have weak colonies which require additional work to bring the hive up to health. All re-homed hives need to be quarantined to ensure they are not carrying disease. Due to the additional work required, we do not pay for these hives. We do, however, ensure that these beehives will be given a good home where they will be well looked after, kept healthy and safe.

This free beehive box collection is separate to our main service of relocating feral colonies of bees and swarms from your home, business or other locations for which there are associated costs.