Bee Clubs and Other Services

Woodend Bee-Friendly Society



Woodend Bee-Friendly Society is an action group of the Macedon Ranges Sustainability Group ( Its members are mostly amateur beekeepers living in the Macedon Ranges and surrounding districts. The Society embraces many modes of beekeeping including Langstroth, with or without foundation, the Warre and Kenyan top bar hives, flow hives etc, provided that they comply with biosecurity regulations. The be(e) friendly term in our name is deliberately intended to emphasise the dual motivations of this group – being friendly to bees and being friendly to each other. 

McDonald Honey



McDonald Honey is a family owned beekeeping business based in  Castlemaine, Central Victoria.  It is owned and run by Peter &  Michelle McDonald, who are the 5th generation of beekeepers continuing  this family business.
Peter and Michelle have a long family tradition in beekeeping. McDonald Honey operates 850 production beehives throughout the state of  Victoria and Southern NSW to take advantage of the different plants that  flower throughout the year. Whether you are a beekeeper that cares for thousands of beehives, or  one, it is always important to care for the health and well being of  your bees. It seems that once honey is in your  veins it is hard to get out.  

The Beekeepers Club


 The Beekeepers Club is based in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne and supports beekeepers and beekeeping with training courses, information sharing and mentoring.  We  meet on the 3rd Thursday of every month at 7:30pm at our venue in  Doncaster. Regular beginners courses providing  hands on experience are  held at the club apiary. 

Arrow Pest Control (For all your non-bee pest issues)



Arrow Pest Control is located in Lancefield VIC 3435 and are specialists and experts in their field. They have well-trained and experienced staff who will always give friendly advice regarding their services. They will guide you with the best solution to take care of your non-bee related pest control issue at your place. They provide services to all commercial, industrial and residential sectors.  Tel: 03 5429 1219 




WerriBeeks is a group of beekeepers who live in and around the Wyndham/Hobsons Bay area.

We meet monthly to learn from our collective experiences and be a support to each other.

We welcome any Beekeepers who would like to join and grow our supportive group.

Becs Bee Hive


Bec's Bee Hive a place for you to find how to start beekeeping as a hobby, info on the bee keeping industry, beekeeping workshops;  mentoring; beekeeping gear and supplies for every Beekeeper. Bec is a sideliner Beekeeper who just loves her bees so her gear & programs are designed with care. Begin your journey with Bec and you too will be captivated by these amazing little creatures.  

Bens Bees


Ben has been in beekeeping for over two decades with the experience and knowledge to know that continued learning about bees is a must in the beekeeping world. Based out of Blackburn Ben covers many aspects of beekeeping from swarm collection to beehive relocations, as well as European Wasp Nest Removal and much much more.

Redpath's Beekeeping Supplies


 Redpath's Beekeeping Supplies has been in business since 1965 Supplying bees wax, hive requirements and honey processing equipment to apairists and hobbyists around Australia. 

Warral Honey


Warral Apiaries is owned and operated by 5th generation beekeeper, Lindsay Callaway, who  has been beekeeping continuously for over twenty years. He is supported  by a dedicated and experienced team of employees, some have been with  him for over ten years. 

Warral Apiaries delivers  apiary products from nature, via the beehive to you. We integrate  beekeeping, honey processing and packaging, pure beeswax production,  beeswax candles and pollination services.

Warral Apiaries is HACCP certified through BQual Australia  and has a A grade rating with global food standard BRC. We are  very proud of our quality pure 100% Australian Warral Honey products.

In addition to our Warral Honey products, we provide pollination  services, pure beeswax production, honeycomb production, queen and  nuclei production and beeswax production.

Bendigo Branch V.A.A.


The Bendigo Branch of the V.A.A. Inc., which was established in 1979, meets on the 1st Wednesday of every month, except January. We meet for Information Q & A sessions. frequently including guest speakers, at Peppergreen Farm from 6.30 9.30 p.m. during the even months of  February, April, June, August and October. These meetings are all about sharing information and helping new beekeepers learn more about beekeeping.During the odd months of months of March, May, July, September and November we meet at the National Hotel Bendigo for Business meetings, with dinner at 6.30 p.m., followed by the meeting at 7.30 p.m. In December we enjoy a social Dinner evening at one of the local venues and encourage all beekeepers and their partners to attend. In addition to these meetings our Branch annually presents practical demonstrations, such as at our Autumn pack-down day and our Annual Beekeeping Field Day. This year, 2018, is our 39th Annual Beekeeping Field Day. It is being held at Harcourt Leisure Centre. This is always held on the second Sunday in October annually. We welcome both Traders and the public to attend these Field Days, which always include Open-hive demonstrations, a range of traders, demonstrations for beginners etc. Our membership includes a mix of commercial, generational and hobbyist beekeepers: all with the same enthusiasm for this age-old craft where ideas, techniques and information are freely shared for the benefit of all, with the aim of working together to build a stronger community. We freely welcome new members and interested people to attend any of our meetings.