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Do you have a hive of visitors?

Here at Bee Removals we specialise in relocating beehives and catching honeybee swarms. We are experienced at cutting out beehives from hard to reach places, such as in the wall, roof or chimney of your house. We also remove bees that have built hives in public areas such as council parks, Telstra pits or water pits. 



Small or large hive of bees, we can help


Give us a call if you have a hive to relocate and we will help you, with as little disturbance to the bees as possible.

Please do not call an exterminator, we need our bees!  Bees are vital to our food production. 


What happens to the bees?

We guarantee that the bees we remove and relocate will have a good home. We are passionate about bees as pollinators of our food and flowers. We take great care of our bees and if you are interested we can keep you updated on how the hive is progressing. 

A practical reason not to kill the bees

Press on the picture above to see what can happen when a hive is exterminated rather than relocated.



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Please give us a call, we are here to help

 We are happy to come out and provide a quote for bee removal services. 

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