The Sound of Buzz

A Cute Little Hive


This cute little hive had set up home in an old record player cabinet in a farmer's work shed.

Sound Waves


The bees appeared to have their groove on when making this comb. They formed it in to nice curved waves.

A Quick Cut


The hives which only need one cut along the top of the comb in order to detach the comb are rare gems.

Dessert Time


At times during a bee relocation we see the cutest things. Halfway through and a bee starts eatting honey from my glove.

Easy Beats


 This colony had us in mind when they constructed this hive. The comb fitted neatly in to their new frames with no trimming required. 

Sound of Silence


We leave the hive as close to the entrance of the old hive to make it easier for the returning foragers to find their new home.