Road Block

Detour sign needed


After Macedon Ranges Council confirmed there was a beehive in a fallen tree that was blocking the road, they called us to give the green light for the bees to be relocated, so their workers could clear the road.

Kindling and Comb


The hive was unfortunately in pieces after the collapse. We needed to quickly reassemble what could be saved into hive frames and box it up. Given the tree was blocking the road we had two hours to complete what would normally be a multi-day process (one day to box up the hive and then several days left on location for the bees to sort themselves out).

No time to stop, there's work to do


Although their home was destroyed a huge majority of the bees were continuing to do their job on the comb that had survived after the tree crashed down. There is nothing like a worker bee at work, they are focused beyond all odds.

An untimely end


In the wreckage we located the Queen bee. Unfortunately she had been crushed between two pieces of comb and timber. However the nurse bees continued to tend to her due to the pheromones she emits.

Showing the way


Once the Queen and the brood are in the hive box the worker bees will then follow so we placed the Queen in the box. Our friendly bees then stuck their tails in the air and began fanning. This lets the other bees know that this is their new home. Come on in and join the party!

Clear roads ahead


After two hours it was safe enough for the council workers to clear the road. We stayed on-site until after dark to ensure that all the foraging bees who returned to the hive at the end of the day had a home to go to. We also stayed to direct cars around the hive.