Hive Top Winter Feeders

Hive Top Winter Feeders are used when the temprature has fallen and you normally cannot open your beehive to feed your bees. These winter feeders sit between your top box and the hive lid. During Winter you can quickly lift the lid off your hive and feed your bees without having to open the hive body and allow heat to escape from the hive. The mesh also prevents bees from leaving through the top of the opened hive.

Our Hive Top Winter Feeders are coated with  a drink water safe waterproofing material on the inner surface of the liquid reservoirs.

We recommend you paint external surfaces (not the waterproofing area) prior to use.

Do not overfill Hive Top Winter Feeders. Fill below the internal lip at the centre of the feeder to prevent  feed going into the hive body.

To order either design of Hive Top Winter Feeder please send us an email ( and we'll contact you or 

call us (0421 885 338) to organise your order.

Wet Feed Winter Feeder - $77 inc GST (Plus Postage)

The Wet Feed Winter Feeder is our most popular feeder. This feeder allows you to fill either reservoir with feed. Should you have a need to feed two types of liquid feed you can do so with this design. Alternatively you can put the same type of liquid feed in both reservoirs.

Wet and Dry Feed Winter Feeder - $99 inc GST (Plus Postage)

The Wet and Dry Winter Feeder allows you the option of feeding dry feed into the non-waterproofed reservoir. If you feed a particle dry feed such as sugar you can pour it straight through the mesh thus preventing bees from leaving through the top of the hive. Alternatively if you use fondue, pollen cakes or some other type of block solid feed you can very briefly lift the screen lid and quickly place your block solid feed into the reservoir, thus minimising the chance of bees leaving through the top.