Mega Hive

Careful exposure


After removing the first few boards 

covering this hive we knew we were in for a treat. The bees were active and all up it looked like a strong hive had settled into the wall of this house.

Well you're a big one


As we removed the final boards we were amazed. Standing over two meters tall, with multiple layers was the biggest hive we relocated in 2017. The bees had been there for many years and had made great use of their time.

Working our way up


Gently, we started cutting the comb and fitting it into frames to place in the hive. We worked solidly for 8 hours that first day, carefully re-homing the bees.

Cutting through


The hive extended into the roof cavity which required a little extra cutting to access. When we started the day it was 40 degrees and very little cloud cover. By 3pm an unexpected thunder storm had rolled in. 

A new home


Bees and thunder storms don't mix. Our bee relocation experts received all their stings from this hive after most of the work was done, losing count after seven stings. Bees become cranky in thunderstorms! The hive filled 4 hive boxes to the brim .

The next night


After 24 hours the bees were all settled in their new home and relocated to one of our apiaries where we could look after them.