Educational Services


Renting hives from Bee Removals

Beekeeping is a rewarding hobby for many people and we enjoy teaching people about responsible beekeeping. We offer an educational package at an annual cost to those who hire hives from us. During this time we invite the renter to participate in inspections we undertake as beekeepers, as well as other bee-related activities on their properties. Our educational services are designed to help people to learn the ins and outs of hobby beekeeping. This includes working confidentenly around the bees, learning about bee behaviour, recognising pests and diseases, and understanding the different seasonal needs of the bees.  

Have your own hive/s

As new beekeepers with your own hive there is so much to learn about bees. At times it may be confusing or even overwhelming trying to work out what to do and when to do it. Bee Removals provides annual education packages to suit your needs and allows you to navigate what to do for each season of the year.